CODE:NEO Offers Apache Webserver Support

According to the June 2004 Netcraft Web Server Survey, more than 80% of the web sites on the Internet are using Apache, making it more widely used than all other web servers combined. Apache 2.0 is also supported by several different operating systems including Linux, Unix, Windows, and MacOS X, as well as the lesser known BeOS and VMS, which makes it the most flexible choice for any business.

Key Apache Benefits Include:

  • Apache and it's modules are written in C, which makes the combination of Apache and CODE:NEO a perfect fit as far as compatibility goes.

  • Use of Apache with a Linux OS is one of the most economical, and efficient server options, and is highly recommended for use with CODE:NEO to obtain maximum benefits.

  • Apache is Windows compatible, but not Windows reliant, meaning that you can use Apache without being forcibly locked into using Windows.

  • Scalability with Apache due to enhancements to the process/threading model in versions 2.x is high

  • Apache provides broad support for scripting languages such as CGI, Perl, Python, PHP, JSP. ASP is also supported with the addition of Chilisoft, Apache::ASP, or modmono.

  • A product developed with CODE:NEO can reach 100% of the server population instead of the 20% that an IIS specific implementation can reach.

  • CODE:NEO's speed can reduce the number of servers necessary for maximum performance of your products.