November, 2001

The Union of Linux and CODE:NEO- CODE:NEO Ported to Slackware and RedHat Linux

Linux is stable, which is perhaps the most important reason to implement it as the network operating system of choice. It significantly reduces the number of network failures, virus pandemics, and security holes, which ultimately reduce the cost of maintaining your servers. Similarly, it also reduces the overall cost of implementation, because Linux is based on open source standards and is frequently distributed free of charge. The only exception to this rule is Red Hat’s new enterprise distribution of Linux, but its costs are comparable to that of competing operating systems. Finally, another key benefit to running on a Linux environment is the support of large vendors, such as IBM and Compaq. Streamlining and customizing your systems couldn’t be easier with the marriage between these major manufacturers and the open source nature of Linux.

Employing CODE:NEO on a Linux server allows companies to save money, time, and precious resources. CODE:NEO allows internet applications to run ten times faster than its current competitors because the application is compiled into binary form, utilizing the full power of the processor. Couple this with the streamlined, kernel based Linux operating system, and you suddenly have an extremely efficient, powerful combination that allows your business to grow.

By Porting CODE:NEO to Linux, Rivar has created a solution that speeds up the development process. It does this by abstracting the concepts of web server API's, ISAPI and Apache Modules, so that the developer can be free to focus on programming a powerful application instead of researching and porting web server API code.

Also, with other web development products for Linux, such as PHP, ModPerl, and Zope, the source code for the application is not compiled, and therefore is easily compromised. Furthermore, applications written with these technologies run more slowly because they have to be sent interpreted by an application server instead of executed by the processor directly for processing.

Finally, according to a NetCraft survey, 80% of web servers currently online are using Apache, and 20% use Window’s IIS package. This allows CODE:NEO to cover 100% of the web server market-share, as it is supported on both platforms.