Rivar, OmniCluster Partner to Launch Hosting Technology

November 13, 2001 -- (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- A new technology relationship between Rivar Technologies (rivar.com), developer of Code: Neo software and OmniCluster Technologies (omnicluster.com), developer of the SlotServer, full-function server on a PCI card, is enabling Web hosters to expand their existing network capacity and speed.

Rivar will showcase the integrated products at Comdex Fall 2001, Nov. 13-16 in Las Vegas, Booth No. L4922. "The agreement to combine the products through mutual reseller partners and within a single host system creates a 'dynamic duo' that addresses Web hosters' most crucial challenges," said Rivar Technologies' president Gene Savar.

OmniCluster Technologies' CEO Chris Fleck added, "To remain competitive, webhosters must keep costs in check as their customer base grows. At the same time, they need to satisfy consumers' demand for ever faster Web sites and Internet applications. The relationship between Rivar and OmniCluster provides both aspects."

Integrating Code: Neo application server software, which is designed to provide ten-fold speed gains in Web server processing, with SlotServer 1000 fully exploits technology infrastructure investments. Companies can augment, rather than add, conventional rack-mount servers to double, triple or quadruple a data center's server capacity and simultaneously boost processing speed.

Code: Neo's speed is derived from its ability to bring C++, the language of operating systems, to the Web. Code: Neo allows Web pages to be embedded with C++ and compiled into high-speed binary objects that are executed directly by servers in response to user requests. Benchmarks indicate that the use of compiled binary objects can increase execution speed at least ten-fold over programs written in PERL, JAVA or ASP.

This speed gain reduces the chance of overload and site crashes, increasing reliability and customer satisfaction. The result is that users are able to access information faster and more users per Web server can be accommodated. With Code: Neo, Web hosters also can build new revenue streams, offering customers a range of website development tools, including diagnostics, security and support without having to dedicate staff resources.

OmniCluster Technologies' SlotServer 1000 is a half-length PCI card that contains a fully compatible x86 based server system with a patent pending, integrated high-speed network. Multiple SlotServers may be clustered inside standard servers to provide additional server functions or expand an existing server's capacity.

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