Anatomy Lesson

The C programming language was created in 1971, over thirty years ago. C++, its object-oriented sibling, was released in 1983, and has since become the most powerful programming language available. Despire its prevalence of C++ in high-end application development, the C++ language has not been associated with the development of web-based applications.

CODE:NEO is a system for creating sophisticated web-enabled applications using both C and C++. Using the patent-pending Rivar CODE:NEO APplication Server, both C and C++ based applications can be rapidly and efficiently deployed on the Internet. Once built, these applications frequently run over an order of magnitude faster than similar applications built using JSP or ASP.


By creating an easy path for C/C++ developers to web-enable their code under both Windows and UNIX, CODE:NEO delivers the following key benefits:

  • Allows C++ programs to be embedded within HTML
  • Allows companies to leverage existing capital investments in C/C++ development resources
  • Brings C++ Applications to the Web quickly
  • Provides libraries for rapid Web development
  • Improves site performance, enhancing revenue generation and customer satisfaction
  • Lowers infrastructure costs
  • Provides easy online development environment
  • Protects intellectual property through enhanced security
  • Easily integrates with existing development tools