Enhanced Application Security

Software component developers that create programs for the web risk intellectual property theft because they cannot secure their products from reverse engineering before shipping them. With CODE:NEO, companies can distribute their products in a more secure fashion.

Software developers program in human readable code called source code. Different technologies take the human readable and understandable code and use it as instructions to run the computer in different ways. With technologies such as Java, ASP and Cold Fusion that source code is left in a state that can be easily read and understood by a software developer’s competitor. As a result, it is difficult for a company to protect its intellectual property (source code) because it is forced to “give it away”.

When companies bundle their product with CODE:NEO, the compilation process helps protect the software product from intellectual property theft because CODE:NEO executables are pure binary code. This code is much harder to reverse engineer, and therefore provides better intellectual property security for Web software developers and development companies, insuring that clients return for updates and improvements to their website. By bundling their products with CODE:NEO, software component developers can release development libraries without being afraid of giving away trade secrets because overall site security is enhanced.