CODE:NEO Integrates easily with many other Technologies

CODE:NEO integrates tightly with many other languages and technologies because many options exist for integrating C++. Developers can directly use MQ Series, COM, CORBA, SQL, ODBC and many other technologies.

This ability to integrate with other technologies stems from C/C++ís ability to abstract them through object oriented programming, and C/C++ís long programming history which has gained it a large support base in the computing world.

CODE:NEO Easily Integrates with Existing Development Tools

Many developers have tools that they prefer to use. CODE:NEO integrates easily with existing tools and enables developers to program by using their favorite design tool or inserting C/C++ code within Web page content.

CODE:NEO can enhance existing Java, Perl, or ASP programs to execute and run at least ten times faster on a web server. This dramatic speed increase translates to a more satisfying end user experience.

The client does not have to worry about costly staff retraining, or rewriting tested and stable applications because CODE:NEO can integrate smoothly.