Leverages Existing Resources

CODE:NEO is able to leverage existing IT resources by allowing application to consume less resource. It becomes possible then to increase your user per CPU ratio and consolidate equipment, or to continue forward without having to upgrade for the future.

Using CODE:NEO you now develop websites using the huge base of C and C++ source code already available. These source code resources allows you to build more rapidly, especially in an environment were resources in C++ already exist.

In regards to new projects, more source code examples can be found on SourceForge, FreshMeat and all over the Internet in C++ than any other programming language, simply go to those website and sort by language and you'll easily see.

In general the C++ language allows you to utilize existing resources because of the nature of its long history. C++ remains both the powerful programming and most available language ever created.

Understanding the C language is a prerequisite to graduating any good computer science degree and has been taught in the vast majority of colleges around the world.

Using CODE:NEO not only lets you leverage existing technology, but it also insures your ability to leverage your own technology now and in to the future. You will not have to worry about the ever changing tide of technology with C++ because it's built to withstand indefinitely, now having to rewrite your application like with .NET.

Using CODE:NEO insures your leverage on technology.