On the web; www.21cdigital.com

21CDigital is a new media developer who adopted the CODE:NEO technology to gain an edge on the competition. They have developed a large portfolio of materials that include websites, demo’s and fully featured applications in a number of industries.


On the web; www.atavia.com

Atavia is CODE:NEO’s premier hosting provider. They focus on providing premier hosted solutions to optimize the value to the client.


On the web; www.cenetec.com

Cenetec is a technology incubator in Boca Raton Florida.


On the web; www.deerfield.com

Deerfield acquired the O’Reilly web site server software and is has enhanced it to make it more powerful and dependable. It represents a great alternative commercial web server to the Microsoft IIS web server. 

Premier CODE:NEO Clients

Optical Outlets

On the web; www.opticaloutlets.com

Optical Outlets is an economy optical eye care provider in the Florida area with numerous locations throughout the state. They utilize a custom CODE:NEO intranet application to manage their business. They also use a recall generation system, which produces reminders for clients to return to the retail stores for eye exams or the re-order of contacts. They also have adapted their inhouse systems to accept E-Commerce orders online using CODE:NEO to bridge the gap between FoxPro and other internal systems and the web. They also have used CODE:NEO in inovative ways to generate vendor sales reports which help them to leverage buying power and create tremendous incentive with vendors saving money and allowing for the creation of attractive discount programs and rewards.

Politics Online

On the web; www.politicsonlinestore.com

Politics online is the premier technology provider for online fundraising and political software solutions. The have utilized CODE:NEO to reduce development budgets, increase sales and integrate to their partners.


On the web; www.empstat.com

Empstat does background checks using CODE:NEO to process the employees information..

Best Security Industries

On the web; www.bestsecurityindustries.com

Best Securitities Industries focuses on point of sale, theft protection devices.

Mostoller Group Realty

On the web; tmgr.21cdigital.com

Mostoller Group Realty uses several CODE:NEO applications to maintain Meta Tags for search engine prerformance and a dynamic featured homes section with slideshow creator.